Is this the Xbox Generation You Should Buy?

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There has been a lot of back and forth about whether the latest generation of Xbox One is really worth the price. Reviewers point to what they see as weaknesses in the system, pricing structures and start to say that it just isn’t worth it yet. Taken in context, the real problem might be that expectations for a perfect gaming system that can do everything but feed you (which may be on the list of some reviewer’s wants) could be what has given the latest generation of Xbox One a reputation it doesn’t deserve. When you silence the reviews and look at the ratings, the console is delivering a solid 4 out 5 star ranking.

Why 4 stars and not 5?

So, why 4 stars and not 5? What is the big problem with Xbox One that prevents it from a perfect score? There really isn’t one. It does have its problems, but it also has a ton of features, hard core gaming technology and a game library that can’t be beat. As the years have progressed, customers have gotten savvier and know that no product really should ever get a 5 out of 5 start rating; that is a realization that all the reviewers have yet to achieve.

Is PS4 really all that better?

During 2013 there were a lot of voices saying that the PS4 was the better deal. When you looked at what they were saying made it better, it came down to the price. Microsoft finally caught on after a year of abysmal sales and lowered the price of the latest console to match the market pricing for similar game systems, including the PS4. When you then place the two systems side by side for a comparison; without price being an issue – it is clear to see that Xbox One has a lot of features that PS4 doesn’t offer at all.

What’s the real problem with Xbox One?

The real problem with the console comes from mismanagement of the product marketing. Whereas Microsoft started with the intent to make a system designed by games and marketed toward gamers, they dropped the ball with an ill-fated romance with an original content TV studio that just closed its doors. Closing the Xbox Studio was a clear signal to gamers that Microsoft was taking action to reclaim right thinking when it came to promoting and creating for the system. The pricing scale was revamped to a more market worthy amount, and a new batch of upgrades was released to fix some longstanding problems. In other words, Microsoft “got it” and returned to basics.

Why it’s worth it

With Titanfall included for free when you purchase a new Xbox One that console is more than worth it. Add in the options to use the Kinect system and other features, run 3rd party apps and other accessories that are available and the system can expand into one of the fullest featured home entertainment systems out today. It just will never hit the stride of making and serving you dinner in front of the screen; if you can handle that disappointment, it’s worth 5 stars.

The Top 5 PS4 Games

The stats are in and the new PS4 is not only doing better than ever before, but there are 5 top games that have risen out of all the choices on the platform to be to pick for gamers. They are mostly first person shooters with multi-player capability; this remains the most popular gaming style on the home entertainment systems. One thing that does stand out about these top games is that there is a fair amount of superheroes represented. This may be due to the recent success of many Marvel films in the box office.

Game #1 – Injustice: Gods among Us

From the makers of Mortal Kombat this is an exciting new release that features a whole new range of fighters you can select from. There is everyone here from superheroes to mythical gods in the lineup. The game play is still a 2-D one on one style, but there are more options for multi-player competitions than ever before.

Game #2 – Child of Light

One thing that makes this RPG game stand out is it was designed with the help of Cirque de Soleil. It is set in a faerie land where you are placed to help Aurora on her quests. The game play is classic and features turn based combat, so traditional fans of RPG play will love it; but the graphics and richness of the world will keep newcomers happy with the non-first person combat style too.

Game #3 – Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate

Arkham Origins Blackgate is set about 5 years before Arkham Asylum and there is a lot to this backstory to discover. It is considered to be a “stealth” combat game and is mostly presented in the first person. There are many characters you can play and the quality of the narration, voice overs, action and graphics is beyond cinematic.

Game #4 – Rogue Legacy

Rogue Legacy is an offshoot of the popular Rogue series. In Legacy you continue on when you die in the form of your child. Each child in the game progresses through the generating castle in a 2D adventure platform gaining in heroic activities. The game play is rich and the mapping is complicated. There are many challenges and skills tests you will recognize from Rogue, which has led this to be referred to as “Rogue-Lite.”

Game #5 – Watchdog

Watchdog is one of the best first person combination games around. You can adventure solo or join a team. The idea is to control the city via a combination of hacking the city’s infrastructure controls, racing and sheer combat. The switch from one tactic to another keeps things interesting. It also benefits from a tight linear storyline.

When is Minecraft Coming to PS4?

The big question for a lot of fans is when Minecraft is going to come to the PS4. It proved wildly popular on the PS3 platform but the creators haven’t quite got up with the changes needed to make it work on the PS4 system. Rumor has it that a holiday release might be coming, but it could just as well be delayed until a PS5 is issued.

The Building Blocks of Minecraft

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There are a lot of games available online these days, nut only few manage to gain favor of the masses. Minecraft is still one of the most popular games today and has received five awards from the Game developers Conference in the year 2011. It was given the Audience award, innovation award, best download game award, best debut game award and the Seumas McNally Grand prize which was awarded to it in the Independent Game festival in the same year. The game has sold more than fifteen million copies on PC, around twelve million copies in Xbox 360 and about fifty four million copies through every single platform.

Free Versions

Since the game boomed in popularity during its initial launch, gamers around the world naturally tried to find free versions of the game. At one point, a site called Minecraft for free was shut down by Notch because it offered cracked versions of the game to the public via direct download. Nowadays people are smarter and have embedded the game into browsers by using Java applets. There is no need to download the game, just click on “Play Minecraft” and you will see the game load after allowing Java to run.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is a game which is primarily about placing and breaking blocks. Initially, gamers built structures to defend themselves against monsters that are nocturnal, but as the game developed, people worked with each other to build imaginative and creative things. There are mainly four basic modes that come with this game. They are given as follows:

  • Survival mode, which needs players to obtain means and uphold their hunger and health.
  • Second is the Creative mode, where players get an indefinite source of experience and resources, the skill to fly, and no hunger or health.
  • Hardcore mode is a form of the abovementioned survival mode, opposite only in difficulty; it is fixed to the greatest tough setting and respawning is restricted, compelling players to erase their worlds upon demise.

Minecraft can also be about having adventures with friends or viewing the sun rise above a blocky sea. This game is attractive and courageous players fight awful things in The Nether, which is more frightening than attractive. The players can also go to a land of mushrooms. There are no definite goals that the player has to achieve and hence, gets the liberty to play the game as he or she wishes to. By default, the game is played as first person perspective, but you also get the opportunity to change it to the third person perspective.

The game world is fundamentally made of 3D matters, mostly cubes that are organized in a stable grid design and signify different things, such as stone, dirt, numerous ores, tree trunks and water. While players can travel freely through the world, blocks can only be positioned within the square grid.

Thailand Bans Tropico 5

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Developed by Haemimont Games, Tropico 5 was made available on the PC in May and was the best selling installment of the Tropico franchise. The game will be ported to next-gen consoles sometime in the future. However, Thailand does not seem to happy with its release and banned the game from their country.

Why the Ban?

After declaring martial law in May, Thailand refuses to allow distribution of Tropico 5 because the game (to my guessing) may promote violence and rebellion. According to New Era Thailand, they stopped selling the game because “some part of its content might affect peace and order in the country,” and that the game” might affect peace and order in the country.” Although they didn’t give much explanation to this ban, they clearly don’t want any terrorists or what have you go against their military.

It makes a lot of sense since the game depicts you as a nation’s leader. You can do anything you want, including setting the laws and more nerfarious acts like rigging elections and manipulating the media. Apparently the third and fourth installments of Tropico were okay to distribute but the fifth one went a little overboard. Quoting Nonglak Sahavattanapong, “the storyline has developed further and there might be some part of it that’s not appropriate in the current situation.”

Expectedly, New Era Thailand doesn’t have any plans to appeal to this ban since it would be a waste of time. Don’t you see? You essentially are the Thailand Army in Tropico 5. Unexpectedly though, Thailand is censoring videos and images containing booze and cigarettes on TV, and are focusing on any bad “stuff” they see like porn. In addition, they are also censoring specific articles, magazines, books, web links, and more.